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Welcome to Mojo Sights!

Mojo makes the finest adjustable aperture sights available for military surplus rifles.  All Mojo sighting components are precision machined from cold-rolled steel, then deeply hot blued.  Rear sights are screw adjustable for both windage and elevation.  Mojo sights make a handsome, well integrated enhancement to your classic battle rifle.


For many shooters, shooting with a tandem aperture sight set is an entirely new experience.  A few, in fact, have trouble adjusting to the different sight picture.  In most cases, they are simply working too hard at it.

Your SnapSights sight set is designed to make things easier, not harder.  If you are spending more than a few seconds before shooting, it’s likely you are trying to employ your previous training with a blade sight.  Here are some guidelines to help you make the transition.

Your eye will naturally develop a “sweet spot” within the sight picture.  Just pull up on your target, focus through this “sweet spot” on the point you want to hit, and squeeze the trigger.  Your SnapSights will take care of the rest, resolving your vision automatically to the optical centers of the front and rear sights.  Most users report being able to quickly adapt once they know the score. If you are squinting and trying to hold your mouth properly, you’re working too hard!