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Here's what some of our customers have to say
about their experience with Mojo Sights

Wow! I just tried out your new Phase III on my Turk. I admit I was skeptical about the claimed improvement, but once I had it sighted in, I was exploding beer cans full of water at 100 yards as fast as I could work the bolt. Excellent product, and great quality. Thanks and keep up the good work!

...Nate S., Alabama

I'll have to say that this is about the best rifle accessory I've ever bought. My wife came to the range with me once before, but was losing interest after not being able to "hit an elephant's butt" with my 09 Argentine. With a Phase III Mojo in place, I'm wondering if I'll ever get it back from her. Now she says, "Why did they ever make those stupid (blade) sights to begin with?" Good question.

...Vince A., Minnesota

Received my Mojo sight for my Russian SKS last week. A high quality sight that is as rugged as the rifle it's placed on. Nothing cheap looking about Mojo sights. Installation was not a problem and what a difference in performance at the range! Group size was halved and the ability to accurately "snap shoot" targets at moderate ranges increased considerably.

I will recommend Mojo sights to all my shooting contacts and will purchase more in the future.

...Andy R., Virginia

Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that with your T38 sight installed, I immediately started popping bullseyes with my Yugo M48 Mauser. It sure made me a believer in using iron sights.

You have a great product and I wish you success.

...Len T., Arizona

UNBELIEVABLE SIGHTS!!! ...truly worthy of the statement "Old World Quality". They are the only replacement sights I have seen that are worthy of being placed on a First-Rate battle rifle (and surpass the integrity and functionality of the original sights).

The only bad thing is, NOW I REGRET SELLING ALL THE MILITARY MAUSERS THAT I HAVE LET GO OF OVER THE YEARS!!!!!!! You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be back for more Mauser sights and Mosin (and SKS ?? and AK??).

...Jonathan D., Connecticut

I bought a Mojo sight for my (M96) Swede, and promised you a report.

With the stock sights, I could sort of take an average of where in the blur the rear notch was...Now, all I have to do is put the front post on what I want to hit, and squeeze off my shot. The bottom line is that I now do 1 3/4" groups at 100 yards with iron sights.

I didn't want to drill and tap for a scope, spend the money to get the bolt turned down, then add the weight of a scope. With the Mojo, I have a rifle that weighs about the same as a commercial, scoped rifle, lets me acquire a sight picture more accurately than conventional sights, and it lets me be dang near as accurate as I would be with a scope, out to a couple of hundred yards or so.

For my money, the Mojo is the best solution.

...Denton B., Utah

I installed the (Mojo) sight and went to the range a couple of days ago to try it out. I must say I was quite impressed. My grouping went from universal to 1.25 to 1.5 inches at 50 yards with untried untested reloads. Next time I'll go to 100 yards now that I'm getting hits on paper and let you know.

I can't say enough about what a good little gadget you have invented. Thanks.

...Paul B., Arizona

Just want to let you know that the three T-38s you sent me last week arrived and have been installed on a Turk Model 1938, a Brno-made Persian 98/29 and a Yugoslav 24/52.

The improvement in sight picture was astounding. ...once I got the sight adjusted it was a simple thing to just pop rounds into the 10 ring. With the bull balanced on a sharp front pyramid, it's a clear sight picture, even for my aging eyes.

...Joel F., Illinois

I got out shooting today, beautiful weather. Your sight worked wonderfully. My Yugo 48's groups shrank from 3-4" to an honest 1.5", and I think I'll be able to do better still.

Suffice it to say I'm very happy with the Mojo aperture sight, and I wish I'd had one eleven years ago so that I wouldn't have had to drill my Swede's receiver for that (other brand) sight.

...Erich M., New Mexico

I received the sight for my M48 yesterday. I installed it in just a few minutes. It was easy to adjust, only took a few shots to zero it in. ...it makes a big difference over the open sights. The gun was accurate before and my son was afraid I would mess it up changing the sight. I set 6 clay pigeons up on the berm, and broke 5 in 5 shots.

...Bob B., South Carolina

Just wanted to let you know about the performance of your Mojo sights. Went to the range yesterday 3/16/01, with my friend, and shot our rifles, the 98 and 48. Well we couldn't believe how our rifles performed. It was terrific. After we zeroed at 50 yards, we moved out to 100 yds. The sight picture helped 100%, several people stopped to see what we were excited about, let them know about your sights. I am just an average shooter, but I think I did better than average.

p.s. can't wait for a Mosin sight for my Russian 44.

...Joe S., California

I purchased a T-38 sight for my M-1948 Yugo Mauser...It works great! Instead of shooting "patterns" with the tangent sights, I can now consistently shoot 5" groups, offhand, with ancient milsurp ammo. Sturdy, reliable, looks original, I can't say enough good things about Mojo Sights.

...Les O., California

The aperture sight arrived today and is a PERFECT (and tight) FIT (for the Czech DOT Mauser Gebirgsjäger ger 33/40) - slides right in between and under the lugs - and the length is perfect too. ... I especially like the dovetail windage and the height setting capability. This is a great piece of work. ...Many thanks for the extra trouble you took - I´d have hated to part with the Mauser - it´s such a beautiful rifle. But I just couldn´t manage the open sights anymore.

...Patrick V., Germany

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