Disclaimer and Warnings

We have made every effort in design, manufacture and instruction to make a useful, quality product that can be easily installed with no special tools by someone with average mechanical skills. Unforeseen conditions, however, may require the assistance of a gunsmith or machinist. The most likely situation is a stubborn or frozen retention pin, particularly in the case of the 98 actioned guns. If you feel that your pin requires more than gentle persuasion, please consult a gunsmith. If you or your gunsmith determine that it is unwise to continue for this or any other reason, please notify us and we will arrange to refund your purchase price. Mojo Sighting Systems specifically disclaims responsibility for damage or injury caused by the use of excessive force in attempting sight removal or installation.

If you have any question or doubt, whether about the instructions, the hardware, or your own abilities, please call us immediately at (208) 255-5276 or email help@mojosights.com.