This sight is one of our most popular. It fits  a wide range of Mauser 98-actioned rifles from countries all over the world -the  Czech VZ 24, 1908 Brazilian, 1938 Turk, 1948 Yugo, and many more. If it’s a 98 Mauser with a standard tangent sight and wood all the way around the rear sight, this is probably your sight! Available in MicroClick™ rear sight  (T38MC), used in conjunction with existing front sight and our SnapSights model (T38MCSS), a front and rear aperture system.

We do not offer any sight for the Argentine Mauser.


The 1916 Spanish Mauser was issued with three different rear sights. The first rifles were issued with the “Lange Vizier” rear sight (see picture). This sight base has a concave bend to it and our sights will not fit that rifle.

The second issue is the “conventional tangent” leaf rear sight and measures .510 between the pivot ears. Our T38 sights fit this rifle.
The third pattern measures .473 between the pivot ears and is held in place with a .079 pin. Available in MicroClick™ rear sight (SP3MC) and SnapSights model (SP3MCSS).

If you are not sure what sight you have on your rifle please give us a call before ordering.


This sight is for the German K98k and direct descendants such as the Yugo K98k. It will not fit the Gew 98 (the German rifle with the sight that looks like Santa’s sleigh). It is designed for the carbine (not the short rifle). Available only in the SnapSights (front and rear sight) model due to the extremely short front sight. If the wood does not go all around the rear sight, you need the G98MCSS.



Designed for the Swede M96 and M96/38 Mausers. By M96/38 we mean the carbine made from a cutdown M96, using the original M96 rear sight. The sight should measure 7/16″ (.430″) wide between the pivot ears. Available only in the SnapSights model due to the extremely short front sight.



Designed for the true Swede M38 carbine. This sight measures 17/32″ (.530″) between the pivot ears and has two noticeable protrusions about 3/8 inch high at the rear of the sight base. Available in MicroClick™ rear sight (S38MC) and the SnapSights model (S38MCSS).











Designed for the Swede M94 Carbine. Available only in the SnapSights model due to the extremely short front sight.  This sight is not available in the MicroClick™ model. Like all Mojo aperture sights, they are fully screw-adjustable for elevation and windage.




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